Friday, May 6, 2016

Who will lead Philippines in the next 6 Years?

Three days from now, May 9, 2016, Filipinos will cast their ballot to elect the new President who will lead the country for the next 6 years. We have seen and heard on tv and and debates what these candidates had to say about national issues. We have heard their platform of government and their vision for the country. As a Pinoy living and working outside the Philippines, I would choose someone who will take care of the issues like healthcare, business opportunities and security.

For me this national election is widely covered by social media. On FB alone, I would see a lot of memes in my timeline, videos, propaganda, ads (paid or not) etc. I would want to believe that these were done voluntarily because people are promoting the candidates platform they believe in and also have the freedom to criticise and candidates they dislike.

But let's take a look once more at the five candidates. 

1. Miriam Defensor Santiago 

Once Dubbed as Iron lady by Asia Magazine in 1989, is a brilliant lawmaker and a member of the senate. She claimed that the votes were rigged in 1992 national elections when she run ran against Fidel ramos which the later won.

She said she beats the lung cancer by taking a wonder pill. She always lagged in the national surveys among presidentiables.

2. Rodrigo Duterte

A long time mayor, vice mayor and congressman from Davao city in Mindanao is known for his zero tolerance against drug addicts and criminals that earned him the title "Punisher".

Issues like human rights violations and unresolved killings in Davao continues to hound him. Recently, he leads the surveys few days leading to the elections. His chances of winning the presidency is boasted the the endorsement of vote blocing Iglesia ni Cristo. 

3. Mar Roxas

Roxas came from a wealthy family and political family. He gave way to the president Noynoy Aquino during the 2010 elections and run as his vice president. He lost to Jejomar Binay in that Election. 

Several issues were hurled against him. Many claimed that he mismanage billions of Yolanda funds when leyte was hit by a strong typhoon, his ineffectiveness as a DOTC secretary etc.

He is married to Korina Sanchez, an ABS CBN news broadcaster.

4. Grace Poe

She is adopted daughter of a famous film actor Fernando Poe Jr. Her qualification to run as president was settled by the supreme court because she was once a US citizen. She lived and work in US for long time.

She topped the senatorial elections in 2013. She was considered as a newcomer among the presidentiables.  

5. Jejomar Binay

Binay is long time mayor from Makati. His wife, son and two daughters were also politicians. He claimed that he transformed makati into a a financial center and will continue to implement the same reforms to the country once elected as a president.

Allegations of over priced contracts were thrown at him but he never appeared during the senate investigation.