Friday, May 6, 2016

Who will lead Philippines in the next 6 Years?

Three days from now, May 9, 2016, Filipinos will cast their ballot to elect the new President who will lead the country for the next 6 years. We have seen and heard on tv and and debates what these candidates had to say about national issues. We have heard their platform of government and their vision for the country. As a Pinoy living and working outside the Philippines, I would choose someone who will take care of the issues like healthcare, business opportunities and security.

For me this national election is widely covered by social media. On FB alone, I would see a lot of memes in my timeline, videos, propaganda, ads (paid or not) etc. I would want to believe that these were done voluntarily because people are promoting the candidates platform they believe in and also have the freedom to criticise and candidates they dislike.

But let's take a look once more at the five candidates. 

1. Miriam Defensor Santiago 

Once Dubbed as Iron lady by Asia Magazine in 1989, is a brilliant lawmaker and a member of the senate. She claimed that the votes were rigged in 1992 national elections when she run ran against Fidel ramos which the later won.

She said she beats the lung cancer by taking a wonder pill. She always lagged in the national surveys among presidentiables.

2. Rodrigo Duterte

A long time mayor, vice mayor and congressman from Davao city in Mindanao is known for his zero tolerance against drug addicts and criminals that earned him the title "Punisher".

Issues like human rights violations and unresolved killings in Davao continues to hound him. Recently, he leads the surveys few days leading to the elections. His chances of winning the presidency is boasted the the endorsement of vote blocing Iglesia ni Cristo. 

3. Mar Roxas

Roxas came from a wealthy family and political family. He gave way to the president Noynoy Aquino during the 2010 elections and run as his vice president. He lost to Jejomar Binay in that Election. 

Several issues were hurled against him. Many claimed that he mismanage billions of Yolanda funds when leyte was hit by a strong typhoon, his ineffectiveness as a DOTC secretary etc.

He is married to Korina Sanchez, an ABS CBN news broadcaster.

4. Grace Poe

She is adopted daughter of a famous film actor Fernando Poe Jr. Her qualification to run as president was settled by the supreme court because she was once a US citizen. She lived and work in US for long time.

She topped the senatorial elections in 2013. She was considered as a newcomer among the presidentiables.  

5. Jejomar Binay

Binay is long time mayor from Makati. His wife, son and two daughters were also politicians. He claimed that he transformed makati into a a financial center and will continue to implement the same reforms to the country once elected as a president.

Allegations of over priced contracts were thrown at him but he never appeared during the senate investigation.   

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Missing Filipina killed by watchman in 'revenge'

Dubai: A Filipina expatriate whose father had requested help to locate her after pictures were circulated on social media was murdered by a watchman, police said on Monday.

Lenlie Silpao Oliverio, 26, was murdered on February 19 by the watchman of her building who was arrested within 24 hours, an officer said.

The suspect has been transferred to the public prosecution.

On Monday, Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, Dubai Police Chief, said police investigation points to evidence that the Filipina was killed by her building’s watchman, who had a verbal altercation with her on the same day she died.

“On Thursday, February 19, the operations room received a call around 7pm from an Asian man saying that his friend who lives with him was murdered in their apartment,” he said.

The crime was committed in an area that was under Al Rashidiya police station’s jurisdiction.

The Asian man, who had just returned from work, found Oliverio stabbed multiple times and the apartment ransacked.

Teams from Dubai Police’s Criminal Investigation Department and General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology rushed to the scene and started their investigation.

Maj Gen Al Mazeina said the Asian man, who lived with the victim, said that he had last seen the victim in the morning before going to work, adding that the victim had also spoken to him around midday asking him to buy some things for the house.

He said, “Initially there were no obvious signs as to who could have committed the crime. Teams started looking into people who knew the victim, the victim’s flat-mate, people who live in the building and in nearby shops.”

Major General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, said, “The way the victim was stabbed led us to deduct that revenge could be the reason behind her murder.”

He said that although the watchman was helping out the victim’s friend, and facilitating access to residents while police were in the building, policemen suspected him due to his body language.

“Our teams, who are trained in reading body language, suspected the watchman, although he had no wounds or marks that could link him to the murder. He was taken in for questioning at the Criminal Investigation Department, where he confessed to the crime,” Maj Gen Al Mansouri said.

He said they tested the watchman’s DNA against biological evidence found at the crime scene, which tested positive, linking the man to the crime.

Maj Al Mansouri said the suspect claimed that he was cleaning the floors of the building that morning at around 9am when the victim walked by and spilt the water bucket he was using to clean, after which a heated argument ensued.

“The suspect confessed that he then got a knife, went to her apartment at around 2pm and told her that there was a problem with the fire alarm. So she let him in. When she did, he said he grabbed her, put his hand over her mouth and stabbed her multiple times until he was sure she was dead,” he said.

The suspect then told the police that he cleaned his clothes, closed the door and carried on with his day. Police declined to reveal the number of stab wounds.

Police said the suspect had only been in the country for around two months, where he worked with the same company but in a different building in another emirate.
He had only started working at the victim’s building 10 days before the crime.

Lt Col Adel Al Joker, Head of Investigation at Dubai Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID), said that the attention from Maj Gen Al Mazeina and Maj Gen Al Mansouri and their presence at the scene helped catch the suspect in such a short time.

“As soon as he knew the initial details of the murder, Maj Gen Al Mazeina said that the suspect is someone from the building — not an outsider.” Lt Col Al Joker said, adding that this is an isolated incident, and that Dubai Police are always prepared to thwart any criminal attempts.

He said Dubai Police did not reveal the details of the crime until all the procedures were completed.

Family mourns
Earlier Gulf News reported that Eddie Oliverio, Lenlie’s father, was worried about his daughter who was living in Dubai.

Oliverio said his neighbours showed him a Facebook post bearing his daughter’s picture and a text that read: “Justice for Lenlie Silpao Oliverio”, followed by a caption that said Lenlie was brutally murdered in Dubai.

The Philippines consulate officials confirmed the woman’s death on February 24.

Lenlie is survived by her parents and two children, aged 10 and 5.


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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tampering with passports can land you in jail, Filipinos warned

Dubai: Philippine Consulate officials on Tuesday warned Filipinos against resorting to “fixers” and tampering with their passports by getting fake passport extensions — an act that could land them in jail.

The Philippine consulate stopped extending the validity of passports for the purpose of residency visa stamping and travel purposes this January. The embassy followed suit in February. Exemptions were given, however, to passport holders with emergencies such as death in the family, medical or legal emergency.

Consul-General Paul Raymund Cortes said two cases of passport tampering had been reported to his office over the past two weeks.

In both cases, the passports had been stamped with an extension of one year with a “signature” of a consul currently working at the consulate.

“We’re no longer extending passports unless in emergency cases. This stamp is fake,” Cortes told the media.

“His [passport holder] employer called us and asked us if we were still extending passports and I said no,” Cortes said, adding the employer became suspicious and sent him the passport for evaluation.

Consul Ferdinand Flores, whose signature appears on the fake stamp, confirmed that the signature was forged. Upon close scrutiny, the signature is actually part of the stamp itself and was not manually signed on the passport page.

“They used a real person but have the wrong signature,” Flores said.

Deputy Consul-General Giovanni Palec said extending passports for visa purposes no longer makes sense because passports are now processed and delivered in a matter of two to three weeks. Resorting to tampering will only endanger the passport holder.

“The warning is, once you have a false stamp, it nullifies the whole passport. [The passport holder] is in violation of the Philippine Passport Law. That puts him at more risk, legally speaking,” Palec said.

In the UAE, a person who forges a travel document such as a passport and uses it could face between one month and five years in jail, depending on the judge’s decision, according to the UAE Penal Code.

Cortes said the spouse of the passport holder paid Dh700 to a “fixer” outside the consulate for the service.

In reality, if a person needs to extend his passport, he only needs to pay Dh80 for the normal service, and Dh120 for an expedited one. Renewing passports cost Dh240.

Cortes said they will refer the matter to the police for investigation. Consul officials will also give specimen signatures to the immigration if necessary.

Cortes urged Filipinos to only deal with consulate officials wearing proper identification inside the consulate. He also advised them to apply for passport renewal ahead of time, even a year before their passport expires, to avoid any inconvenience.


Friday, February 12, 2016

QA: Can former UAE resident with debts transit through Dubai, Abu Dhabi airports?

I have read an answer of yours about expatriates who have worked in the UAE and have outstanding debts. The article was about people who transit through the UAE to another destination and do not actually go out of the airport or through immigration. I have debt on a credit card, and although not a large amount it is a nightmare to pay it off when not living in the UAE. Even trying to pay the money over the counter at a branch of the bank outside of the UAE has obstacles. Can you confirm that the law is still the same in relation to transiting through the UAE? And how does the passport situation work? Since leaving the UAE I have renewed my passport, as the old one ran out, so would my new passport details be on the UAE system? JC, UK


There are two separate issues here. If a person is transiting through an airport, they do not technically enter the country and pass through immigration, but there is still a risk, especially if a flight is delayed and they are then asked to exit the airport. If someone with a police case registered against them tries to go through immigration, it is likely they will be arrested. That can still happen with a new passport, as a person can be identified by name and date of birth.

Branches of banks in different countries can operate quite separately, and although it is not usually possible to make a deposit over the counter in another currency, it is possible to make an online transfer to the relevant account in respect of the debt. JC would be advised to contact HSBC in the UAE to make arrangements to repay the debt through online transfer. Once the debt is repaid he can then ask the bank to cancel a police case to avoid future problems when travelling.


Keren Bobker is an independent financial adviser with Holborn Assets in Dubai, with more than 20 years’ experience. Contact her at and follow her on Twitter at @FinancialUAE

The advice provided in our columns does not constitute legal advice and is provided for information only


Friday, February 5, 2016

How to apply for an OEC in POLO Dubai and in Abu Dhabi

Secure an appointment through or

If you are an OWWA member with expired membership or you are a first time OWWA applicant .
Update your OWWA  membership or be a member of OWWA first.

Print and Submit (3) copies of accomplished print OEC BM On-Line appointment form, together with the following:

Passport ( be ready with your passport copy and visa page copy)

Confirmed roundtrip plane ticket
Personal appearance is a must.

Additional requirements for Balik-Mangagawa, Household Service Worker or Housemaid:

a. Immigration Contract (original) of the worker with two   (2) xerox copies;

b. Original passport of the worker

c. Passport copy of the sponsor and the worker – two (2) xerox copies;

d. Residence Visa copy of the worker – two (2) xerox copies;

e. If the sponsor is non local, she should include two (2) sponsor’s residence visa copy

g. affidavit of undertaking of sponsor

h. information sheet of sponsor


downloadable forms :

OWWA membership form


OWWA membership – AED92

OEC  – AED10

Monday, February 1, 2016


Valid pa ba ang Passport ko?

Ang passport po ay maaaring magamit lamang para sa pagbyahe, pagrenew o pag-apply ng working visa, o anumang transaction kung ito ay mahigit pa sa anim na buwan ( at least 6 months) bago ang expiration date. Kung mas mababa na sa 6 na buwan (less than 6 months) hindi na po ito pwede magamit sa ibang  opisyal na transaction at lalo na sa pagbiyahe o pag-apply/renewal ng visa.
Sikapin po nating alamin ang expiration date ng ating passport.

Mayroon bang fine kung expired na ang passport na hawak ko?

Wala po. Subalit ang lahat ng inconvenience at problema na dulot nito ay inyong responsibilidad. Sikapin po nating laging valid ang ating passport para maiwasan ang anumang suliranin.

E-passport na ba ang hawak ko?

Ang mga pasaporte (kulay Maroon) na isyu ng Dubai PCG mula 2011 ay e-Passport na. Makikita ang logo ng e-Passport sa harap na cover.

Kung hindi pa e-Passport, kailan ako dapat mag renew?

Kung ang pasaporte na hawak mo ay MRRP (kulay Green) o MRP (maroon pero walang logo ng e-Passport) makabubuting mag apply na ng appointment para sa renewal sa lalong madaling panahon.
Sa dami ng mga gustong mag-renew ng passport, ang pinakamaagang appointment ay nasa dalawang buwan na sa hinaharap (ibig sabihin, kung kukuha ka ng appointment ngayon, February 18, maaaring sa Abril o Mayo na ang pinaka maagang appointment na makuha mo).
Mas maagang kumuha ng appointment, mas maiiwasan ang inconvenience lalo na kung may mga proseso na kailangan ang passport, tulad ng pagbyahe, renewal ng visa, may bagong trabaho, etc.

Saan ako kukuha ng appointment?

Maaaring kumuha ng appointment sa Dubai PCG. Ang pila ay magsisimula ng ika-9 ng umaga. Sa araw na iyon, hindi ka makakapag renew, bibigyan ka lamang ng appointment date. Sa appointment date na iyon ka makakapag apply ng renewal.

Maaaring kumuha ng appointment sa DITO at hindi na po sa Facebook page ng Dubai PCG.Hindi po kayo makakatanggap ng sagot mula sa FB mula 20 February 2014.
Patuloy na isinasaayos ng Dubai PCG ang appointment system para higit itong maging mabuti.

Less than 6 months na ang validity ng aking passport at hindi ko na mahihintay ang appointment na nakuha ko dahil mas marami na ang nauna sa akin sa pagpapa appointment at kailangan ko na ang aking passport para sa emergency travel, official business, visa application, visa renewal at iba pang dahilan, ano ang maaari kong gawin?

Kumuha po kayo ng appointment at siguraduhin na mag renew ng passport sa appointment date na nakuha.

Mag-apply ng pansamantalang passport extension. Makikita ang form sa www.pcgdubai.netPassport Services. Naroon din ang mga requirements at kaukulang bayad. Makabubuti ring magdala ng proof of urgency. Ika-9 ng umaga nagsisimula ang proseso para sa extension. Mas madali kung handa na ang form at mga requirements bago magtungo sa Dubai PCG. Alamin din ang tamang counter na pupuntahan. Makukuha ang extended passport sa panahon ding iyon.

Sa araw ng aking appointment, maaari ba akong mag apply din ng extension dahil kailangan kong valid ang aking lumang passport?

Opo. Pareho po lamang ang mga requirements tulad ng nasa taas.

Sino ang hindi nangangailangan ng passport appointment?

Ang mga babaeng buntis, ang mga Senior Citizen, ang mga may kapansanan, ang mga sanggol at bata limang taon (5 years old) pababa ay hindi nangangailangan ng appointment. Sa Courtesy Lane po kayo magtungo.

Ang mga asawa, magulang, kapatid o kasama ng mga taong exempted sa appointment system ay hindi maaaring sumabay sa exemption na ito.

Kailan dadating ang bago kong passport?

Mula sa renewal date, maaaring umabot sa 6-8 linggo bago maging available ang inyong passport. Ibig sabihin, maximum ang 6-8 weeks ngunit maaaring minimum ng 2-3 weeks.

Hindi kailangang maghintay ng 8 weeks bago maghanap ng pangalan dahil maaaring lumabas na ang inyong passport sa mga unang listahan. Makabubuti na matapos ang 2 linggo, i-monitor na ang mga listahan na ipapaskil ng Dubai PCG sa

Kada linggo ay magpapaskil ng isang listahan. Ang mga listahang ito ay Alphabetical ang pagkakasunud-sunod kasama ang Apelyido, Gitnang Pangalan, at Pangalan. Hindi mahirap na hanapin ang sariling pangalan sa listahang ito.

Wala pa ang passport ko, dumating na ang sa kasabay ko, bakit ganun?

Ang mga passports na nasa listahan ay base sa mga natanggap na passports mula sa Manila. Maaaring nauna ang pagpapadala sa passport ng kasama mo kesa sa iyong passport depende sa printing batch doon. Wala pong itinatago o inihuhuling passport ang Dubai PCG. Ang lahat ng natatanggap ay ipinapaskil. Muli, makabubuting imonitor lamang ang mga listahan ng mabuti.

Ano ang kailangan kong dalhin sa pag claim ng bagong passport?

Pakidala po lamang ang lumang passport at resibo. Hindi po maibibigay ang bagong passport kung wala ang lumang passport. Kung nawala ang resibo, sabihin po ito sa Releasing Area Staff. Kung hindi personal na kukunin ang inyong passport, magpadala ng authorization letter kasama ng kopya ng ID ng taong kukuha nito kasama ang inyong lumang passport at resibo.


Friday, January 29, 2016

List of POEA Registered recruitment Agencies

Many Filipinos in their desire to provide better living conditions for the families. have opted to work abroad where pay is much higher compared to philippines.

However some have fallen victims to bugos agencies who just wanted to take advantage of these Filipinos.

So before applying for jobs abroad, we need to check first the status of the agencies.

Check the link here:

POEA screen shot:

Monday, January 25, 2016

Benefits of an OWWA Member


An OWWA member is provided with the following benefits within the duration of their contract:

Disability and Dismemberment Benefits. A member is entitled to disability/dismemberment benefit of up to PhP 100,000.00 for injuries sustained due to accident while working abroad.
Death Benefit.  A PhP 100,000.00 benefit  in case of death due to natural cause and PhP 200,000.00 in case of death due to accident.
Burial Benefit. On top of death benefit, a rider of P20,000.00 will be received by the legal heirs for the funeral expenses.


Country Specific Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) - a whole day orientation to OFWs consisting of a comprehensive module on employment contract, profile of the country of destination, stages of the OFWs' life abroad, health and safety, financial literacy, travel tips and airport procedures and government programs and services.

Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program (CPDEP) - A 3 to 6-day live out training for Household Service Workers (HSWs) consisting of language training, culture familiarization and stress management to prepare them for life overseas.


a. Seafarer's Upgrading Program (SUP)
Scholarships for attendance to short-term upgrading courses for seafarers. First availment consists of PhP 7,500.00 training assistance. Availment in another training course every after three (3) recorded membership.

a. Education for development Scholarship Program (EDSP)
A scholarship offered to qualified dependents of OFWs consisting of a maximum of PhP60,000.00 per school year, leading to a four-to-five year baccalaureate course in any college or university.

b. OFW Dependents Scholarship Program (OFWDSP)
Scholarship consisting of a maximum of PhP20,000.00 assistance per school year leading to a baccalaureate or associate degree in a state college or university for dependents whose active OFW-member parents receive a monthly salary of not more than USD400.00.

c. Education and livelihood Assistance Program (ELAP)
Educational assistance for survivors of a deceased OFW consisting of PhP5,000.00 for college per school year and livelihood assistance amounting to PhP15,000.00 is given to the surviving spouse.


a. Skills-for-Employment Scholarship Program (SESP)

Scholarship for attendance to short-term training program consisting of a maximum of P14,500.00 per course leading to a completion of a vocational or technical course in any TESDA-accredited school.

b. Information Technology (IT) Training Program

This computer literacy program provides OFWs and their families training and access to technology intended to bridge the communication gap between the OFW and his/her family and allow them to communicate with each other through the Internet. The program also aims to upgrade their IT skills.

On-Site Assistance and Services
- Assistance on OFWs whereabouts
- Psycho-social counseling
- Mediation/conciliation with employer
- Airport assistance
- Hospital/prison/work camp visitations
- Legal assistance to OFWs who wish to pursue labor/welfare case against their employer in the host country

- Request from families and next-of-kin (NOKs) for assistance from OWWA overseas posts
- Post-repatriation assistance
- Counseling, referral, and other concerns.

Request for assistance from NOKs or from OFWs may be channeled through the 24/7 operation Center.


a. Repatriation Program

Repatriation includes bringing distressed OFWs back to the country or bringing back human remains. Emergency repatriation is carried out in the event of any political unrest or natural calamities.

Repatriated OFWs are accorded airport assistance, temporary shelter at the Halfway Home, psycho-social counseling, stress debriefing, and provision of transport services or fares for their onward travel to their respective provinces.

b. Reintegration Program

Reintegration is a way of mainstreaming returning OFWs in the Philippine society.

Reintegration Preparedness (on-Site). Includes training on value formation, financial literacy, entrepreneurial development training, and techno skills and capacity building trainings.

Reintegration (in-Country). Implemented under the auspices of the National Reintegration Center for OFWs (NRCO) and the OWWA Regional Welfare Offices consisting of job referrals (local and overseas), business counseling, community organizing, financial literacy seminar, networking with support institutions, and social preparation.

2Billion-Peso Reintegration Fund

A 2Billion-Peso Reintegration Fund for business enterprise development is a loan facility, in cooperation with the Land Bank of the Philippines and the Development Bank of the Philippines, where a member or their legal dependent can avail of a loan between PhP300,000.00 to PhP 2 million.

OWWA-NLDC Livelihood Development Program

A loan facility where an OFWs can avail pf PhP200,000.00 loan or PhP 1 million pesos for group borrowers.