Friday, July 8, 2011

New POLO-OWWA Location in Dubai

My blog is getting a lot of hits because of my of my old post about getting OEC in Dubai. But since the POLO-OWWA office moved to a new location just a few blocks away, I have not posted a follow up.

So I am posting the new location of POLO-OWWA office for the convenience of our kabayans:

New POLO OWWA office in Dubai

What are the requirements to get OEC?

First expect a long queue in the POLO-OWWA. Better come early to secure your OEC before lunch break.

1. Personal appearance of OFW-applicant;
2. Original passport and stamped visa;
3. Accomplished information sheet (available in POLO-OWWA and
    from the website:;
4. PAG-IBIG Membership for a minimum  of AED10.00 (mandatory
    coverage per RA 9679 or the Home Development Mutual Fund Law 
    which took effect on 27 August 2009);
5. OWWA Membership for AED92.00  (payment valid per contract
    duration at a maximum of 2 years);
6. OEC Processing fee of AED10.00;

7. For Household Service Workers, in addition to the above:
-   Immigration Contract stating a monthly salary of at least US$400
    (the Philippine minimum requirement) or its equivalent of AED 1,500,
    to be verified by POLO for AED40.00.  This will also be presented at
    the Philippine Airport  Immigration
-   Undertaking and Information Sheet signed by the Sponsor (available
    from the website)
 -  Copy of the sponsor’s  passport and residence visa

For my PAG-IBIG contribution I paid 3 months which was equivalent to 30 dirhams. Noting that 1 dirham value is equivalent to about 12 Pesos, and minimum contribution to PAGIBIG is 100 pesos, I wonder where they put the extra 2 pesos. I never bother to ask though. For my PHILHEALTH contribution I always pay one year in advance in Philippines. I got 40% percent discount in my wife hospital bills during delivery of our baby in Philippines. 

So being an active PHILHEALTH member and having paid OWWA contribution for 2 years, hindi kaya ako nag double pay? Anyone might have a clear explanation on this?

I told the lady behind the payment counter in POLO OWWA office in Dubai that I already paid my PHILHEALTH in Philippines and that I get the same medical benefits anyway.

"Iba yong yong PHILHEALTH, sa Pinas binabayad yon."




Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Juan is coming back!!