Friday, February 5, 2016

How to apply for an OEC in POLO Dubai and in Abu Dhabi

Secure an appointment through or

If you are an OWWA member with expired membership or you are a first time OWWA applicant .
Update your OWWA  membership or be a member of OWWA first.

Print and Submit (3) copies of accomplished print OEC BM On-Line appointment form, together with the following:

Passport ( be ready with your passport copy and visa page copy)

Confirmed roundtrip plane ticket
Personal appearance is a must.

Additional requirements for Balik-Mangagawa, Household Service Worker or Housemaid:

a. Immigration Contract (original) of the worker with two   (2) xerox copies;

b. Original passport of the worker

c. Passport copy of the sponsor and the worker – two (2) xerox copies;

d. Residence Visa copy of the worker – two (2) xerox copies;

e. If the sponsor is non local, she should include two (2) sponsor’s residence visa copy

g. affidavit of undertaking of sponsor

h. information sheet of sponsor


downloadable forms :

OWWA membership form


OWWA membership – AED92

OEC  – AED10

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