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Every season, the landscape of the United Arab Emirates draws the attention of the tourists! People love to visit the amazing places here and those who have already visited them, keep on praising the beauty of the Island. While planning the vacation trips, most of the people keep the UAE’s top attraction at the top of the list of the places they want to visit. The beautiful and artistic buildings, the white sand and crystal blue water beaches, everything simply offers a serene ambiance that every person desires to enjoy.  

If you are planning a trip to the United Arab Emirates, do upgrade your information about the places that you can visit here. Over the time, the social media marketing services have helped a lot in creating awareness about different things among the people. You can now find the trip information and reviews of the different places using social media networks as well. Keeping in view the details, you can then plan a trip to the fascinating UAE especially UAE Islands.

5 must visit places in UAE!

The places that you must visit on your trip to UAE are as follows:

1. Burj Khalifa and the Amazing Dubai Mall

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Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world that you can witness visiting. You’ll love the spectacular view of the building and the colorful fountain dance. Reach the top of the building through the elevator and you’ll be amazed by the beautiful panoramic view of Dubai. The Dubai mall in itself is another amazing place to visit. For all the shopping lovers, it is a great place to find peace. All the valuable brands, delicious food offering restaurant, comfortable and peaceful staying hotels and the vibrant and lively aquarium is situated in this mall. 

2. Desert Safari

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You travel to UAE and you don’t visit the Safari dessert? This must not happen! On your trip to this mind-blowing island, don’t miss your chance to visit the desert Safari. It offers a unique and different atmosphere. Those who find peace in going out on an adventure and living to the fullest must try the dune bashing activity here. Come on a half day trip and experience the camping fun yourself. You can go for a camel ride, watch Turkish dance and enjoy the delicious Lebanese cuisine here. 

3. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

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The harmonious merging of the modern architecture and ancient craftsmanship will simply melt your heart away. This is one of the most serene places where you can come and discover your inner peace. The creative art pieces and the marvelous design are quite eye catching. The interior of the mosque is like an award-winning exhibition of the stunning glasswork, mosaic tiles, marble and gold. 

4. UAE Beaches and Dhow Cruise Trips

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You need to book your Dhow cruise trip as soon as your flight tickets to UAE are booked! This helps you save some money on the Dhow packages and keeps you excited for an upcoming eventful day. The UAE beaches are the perfect places for going cruising. Through the sheer mountains into the curvy sea, you’ll be able to watch the dolphin dance and go snorkeling and swimming at the beach. The trip also includes the visit to small villages that are present in the way. These are immensely beauty and have a strong historical background. 

The topmost beaches in UAE are the Umm al Qawain, Yas Island, Palm Jumeirah and many others. The Palm Island is an artificially designed island and one of the most stunning places in UAE. You can enjoy the serene walk on the beach or watch the dolphins play in the water. The Atlantis themed aquarium is another amazing place to visit. Watching the colorful and unique fished stimulates the brain and makes the sightseeing a peaceful trip.

5. Sharjah Arts Museum

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Since 1997, the Sharjah arts museum has become the apple of the eye of the art lovers. Passion, creativity and experiments rule the world of artists and this place is a perfect home of the artwork of such people. You can visit this place and enjoy viewing the 500 plus art pieces designed using various mediums and techniques. 

The advertising agency of the Sharjah arts museum has done justice to the museum by bringing in front the amazing collection of the museum. The museum showcases the artwork of the famous Suleiman Mansour, Jamil Hamoudi, Thuraya-al-Baqsami and many others.

UAE inspires visitors from all over the world. It offers delicious cuisine, blissful staying experience, fun-filled shopping days and tour that you would remember for your whole life. Plan your one week trip and enjoy the worth visiting place here. To make your trip peaceful and serene, make sure you have all the arrangements settled beforehand. 


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