Thursday, July 1, 2010

Abu Dhabi Slashed traffic fine by 50%

Abu Dhabi announced that it has reduced the traffic fines by half which resulted to a huge rush in traffic department following a ministerial decree issued by Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. This prompted the traffic department to work overtime until midnight.

 It was reported that an Arab expatriate woman who no longer resides in UAE accumulated 186,900 dirhams ( $ 51,000) of fines.

I hope that Abu Dhabi will lead other emirates to follow the same action especially Dubai with 1 million registered vehicles as of 2009 data.

How to pay traffic fines in Dubai?

Dubai Traffic Violation Website

Go to Dubai Traffic website. You will have several options to verify if you have traffic penalty. You can either pay online or pay over the counter. If your traffic penalty is highlighted in red you have to pay directly to police traffic department in Dubai. Another option also is you can wait until your car is up for registration for payment. You cannot proceed for registration until fines are paid anyway.

Last time when I registered my car I accumulated total fines of 150% more than the registration fee because of two over speeding on a 80 km. road, lane discipline violation and SALIK fine. In the process I received 2 black points.

For comprehensive list of Dubai traffic violations, fines and black points click here.

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  1. sosyal naman. may website ang traffic violation at pagbayad ng fine.