Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stargate International Cargo Woes

We used to send regular balikbayan boxes thru Stargate Cargo in Sharjah since 5 or 6 years ago and never had any problem. Mostly used clothing of my babies and unnecessary things that occupies space in my flat. That was before me and my wife came to know that we can earn extra bucks by selling our "garbage" in Dubai Flea Market.  

Four or five months back, I sent Super Jumbo box with free bulilit box to my wife place in Batangas. Considering that Batangas is very much accessible to Manila, it took almost 3 months for my parents in law to receive the cargo. For Luzon, it should only take 45 days more or less. 

I was a bit impatient at that time. So I called the office here in Sharjah to ask about the status of my cargo. I was told by lady on the other the line, who seemed to be nice, that they had sent SMS to the clients that there will be a little delay because of some nonsense problem in Singapore.

This was seemed to be true. But I just ignored the reply since there was no food or groceries inside my boxes.

Last week I was surprised to find out the whole story behind the Stargate controversy while watching TV Patrol in TFC. In the report of Sol Aragones in BMPM (Boto Mo Patrol Mo) segment of TV Patrol, the
Stargate Internatonal Cargo folded since 2007 and all the clients were transferred to Stargate Express Logistics Incorporated. It was not clear though why the company change its name.

Stargate will loose business and besides Stargate is not the only player in the market. There is Makati Express, Roda Cargo and LBC cargo. These 3 company company will surely be the beneficiaries of the big pie of the market that Stargate lost.

A Facebook page or HATE page as you may call it was created to boycotting Stargate Cargo which has so far 550 members. Click here.

There you will find endless stories of Stargate's poor service. From boxes being opened, delayed, office phones not answered etc.

So next time kabayan, when you send your Balikbayan Boxes choose a reliable cargo company.


  1. We've been sending through Stargate Cargo earlier too, mostly due to their cheaper rates. But we stopped when our cargo two years back arrived 2.5 months and most of the liquid packs inside cracked.

    Lately, we had LBC. So far it reached on time.

    And although we didnt have free box, it also saved us from forcing to spend additional to fill a bulilit box.

    Saan po ang Dubai Flea Market?

  2. you can get more information here.