Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dubai Roads Belong to the Emperors

I am surprised by the news that RTA is planning to install two more SALIK gates in Dubai. The proposed locations are Ittihad road near Dubai Police headquarters and another in Al Ghusais.

If RTA will add two more SALIK gates it would seem like that only the rich and famous can drive in Dubai with ease without worrying about the traffic during peak hours. 

For an ordinary expats like me and living in Sharjah and working in Dubai, having to pay extra 4 aed one-way is additional burden. Gone are the days when everyone are free to drive around Dubai without choking up extra expenses for SALIK aside from petrol and car maintenance.

SALIK aim is to reduce traffic in Dubai Road. But this is not actually happening. It’s diverting the traffic away from SALIK Zones towards the interior roads, creating a similar traffic jam and bottle necks because motorist will avoid SALIK.

SALIK gate doesn’t in anyway ease traffic.  If RTA is bent on putting additional SALIK without considering public sentiments they should wait until the Green Line of the metro is operational so that people can use the Metro. 


  1. parang pagtaas po ba yan ng mga toll gates for express way?

  2. I think Salik didn't really ease traffic. I used to work in Media City, travelling to and from Deira. And the woes ironically are near the Salik toll gates (MOE, Financial Center and Maktoum bridge).

  3. oo toll ang SALIK dito sa Dubai. ang sakit ulo ng mga tao dito dahil dagdag gastos na naman

  4. they can do whatever they like for their own good