Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Senate Convict Corona

While watching the finale of impeachment hearing today, where CJ Corona was found guilty of Article 2 of the impeachment complaint filed against him for non disclosure of his SALN, I was wowed by the explanation of Senator judge Enrile's "paghihimay-himay" explanation of his Guilty verdict.

At the age of 88, Enrile still commands respect among the much younger senators.

His mastery of laws and his full control of the full length of impeachment hearing swas very impressive.

Lapid being a broken record as always kept reminding the public of his being a high school graduate and for not understanding the Republic Acts and for not speaking English.

Villar however, was liking himself to the present situation of Corona where everyone was prejuding him in the media.

With all the drama in the Senate today, let just pray that these honorable senators can finally close these episode and focused on more pressing matters in the country.

The senators have spoken. and so let it be..

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