Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update: My Mutual Fund Investment

This short post is dedicated to Bro. Ike. Nahihirapan daw kasi syang magbasa ng post kong tagalog. Ma-english nga....


If you haven't read my previous post about my Mutual Fund investment click here.

I invested a total 40,000 pesos in Mutual Funds back in December 2007. 

I bought 54 Philam Strategic Growth Fund (PSGF) shares for 356.80 pesos per share and 9,205 GSIS Mutual Fund shares for 2.157 pesos per share from Philam Asset Management Inc (PAMI).

For almost 3 years I have been watching how my investments performance as it slides to a low of about 
P 216 NAVS for PSGF back in 2009. That was time that I thought that investing in Mutual Funds is not worth at all. Being an OFW losing a hard earned money is a pain in the butt. 

But recently the stock market in the Philippines soared like crazy! Maybe it is brought by investors who are pouring a lot on investments due to a newly found confidence in the leadership of P Noy. P Noy must be grinning ear to ear and so am I.

Just imagine, as of today my PSGF shares is worth P 487.26 and my GSIS Funds is worth P 2.88. Which means that my investment grew at the rate of 34% to 37% in less than 3 years. So much better than putting money in time deposit.

In effect my small investment of roughly P 39,000 3 years ago, less the fee ( yes, they take service fee!) is now P 53,000.00. Not bad! Considering that I invested only once. Just imagine, lets say I put P 5,000 every month for 3 years . I would have been richer by now!


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  2. wow good news sayo. anyway kung gusto mong mag-invest montly pwede naman ... ako'y nag invest din sa FAMI mutual fund last two weeks and then magcocost averaging na lng ako ng 2000 a month. thankful nga ako dahil namet ko ung coop kung saan partner nila ung FAMI kya nakastart ako mag invest kahit sa hongkong ako.. email mo me kng gusto mo malaman baka interesado ka . mostly mga members nila eh ofws...