Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, Kamay ni Jesus, Pansit Habhab and Longganisa in Lucban in ONE day

Three days before our departure back to UAE in May 2011 during our vacation in Philippines, my wife and I decided to visit Lucban and Tayabas in Quezon. In Tayabas, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan restaurant in particular, is a memorable place for me. Because Kamayan sa Palaisdaan was the place where I invited my wife for our first date.     

We had to live early from from my wife place Batangas. We travelled from Batangas via STAR tollway to Turbina in Calamba. From Turbina we took another bus to Lucena. But we did not reach the Grand Central terminal. At the junction, there was already a Jeep terminal that will take you either to Tayabas, Lucban and Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Jeepneys travelling to Lucban and Sta. Cruz are particularly big jeep with double tires at the rear. 

Our first stop was the Kamayan sa Palaisdan, famous for the floating bamboo dining area while enjoying the cold breeze and panoramic view of Mt. Banahaw. Nothing has changed that much in the restaurant since the last time we visited the place. A collage of photos of local celebrities and politicians was proudly displayed in the reception area.

There are is another Kamayan sa Palaisdaan owned by the same family located just 500 meters apart. One can also relax at Kamayan Hotel and Resort located opposite of the road.

A shot at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

We ordered the all-time-favorite Sinugno, sizzling sea foods combo and garlic rice. Sinugno is a local recipe of Tilapia, grilled then cooked in coconut milk then garnished with Pechay. I tried once cooking Sinugno but could not get the distinct Tayabas taste.

This is the "Before"

and the "After"

After a heavy lunch and + 3 bottles of San Miguel Pilsen, we proceeded to Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban 30 minutes away from Kamayan sa Palaisdaan. In this site is a 292 step hill with life size figures depicting the station of the cross. And on the top is the 50-foot statue of Jesus Christ said to be the 3rd biggest in the world. I even saw Fr. Joey Faller the founder of the Kamay ni Hesus Ministry Foundation from a distance. I could not miss his curled right fingers that curled due to a car accident that is said to resemble the hands of Little Jesus - known as El Senor Sto. Nino-and of he hands of the risen and victorious Christ.

Ala Hollywood Walk of Fame
Kamay ni Hesus Church
Large statue of Jesus Christ on top of the hill

Noah's Ark retreat house

There is also a replica of Noah's ark that function as retreat house located inside the site.

Kamay ni Hesus Shrine
Closer look at Jesus Christ statue
House of Longganisa in Lucban

We then took another ride toward Lucban. After visiting the church, we went opposite the street where we bought longganisa Lucban. Longganisa Lucban is garlicky in taste and smaller compared to other longganisa.
And of course we would not miss the authentic pansit habhab in the Old Center Panciteria in Lucban. Pansit got its name because of the way you eat the pansit on banana leaf without using fork. 

Old Center Panciteria

Since it was already getting dark we requested two serving of pansit habhab take away just in case we get hungry on our way back to Batangas. 

That was a memorable day with my wife.


  1. nakakain na me sa kamayan sa palaisdaan, during pahiyas, super puno pero masarap naman food

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hindi ko pa natry magvisit ng ganyang shrine.

  3. Sana we could visit the shrine too. To see Jesus' statue in Brazil is a dream, so kahit sana sa Kamay ni Hesus man lang mapuntahan...