Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Fish Market in Ajman

Fish in Ajman fish market ready for bidding. Photo taken by cellphone camera.

I go to Ajman Fish Market every week to buy a week supply of fish. But I never realize that before the fish are sold in the market, the fish are freshly unloaded from the big fishing boats and goes thru a bidding process.

Men, mostly of Indian origin lined the fish in a big concrete ground (shown in the picture). A middle man usually an Emirati guy holding a megaphone, will approach the ground and start shouting the wholesale price. Once the favorable wholesale price is reached the buyer, usually a fish vendor will hand over the money to the middle man. Then the fish are then brought to the fish stalls where people can buy. 

One thing I like buying fish in Ajman is that the area is clean , the floor is dry and you leave the place without smelling like fish. Unlike the fish market in Sharjah and Deira fish market where you have to be extra careful or else you will slip on the floor. 

How to to Ajman Fresh Market
From Dubai or Sharjah via Emirates Road:

Exit from Emirates Road and follow the highway until you see the Wasit Power station on your right. Take right and slowly merge to the right when you see the overpass ( the bridge is under construction as of this posting). Make left turn under the bridge ( you will see Gulf Craft office) and take first right. Then first right you will reach a signal. make left turn from this signal you will reach the Ajman Fish market to you right.
From Sharjah via Corniche road:

Let's say you are driving from Sharjah Ladies Club. Continue driving on the Corniche road until you will reach Ajman R/A before reaching Kimpinsky Hotel. Make right on this R/A and then left on the next R/A. Then you will reach Ajman Free Zone R/A. Make left. Continue driving about 1 km. You will see Ajman Fish market on your left side. Make U-turn to go to the opposite road.


  1. kakaiba ang fish market dyan ah. siguro di masyadong malansa kasi hindi basang-basa at walang mga yelo-yelo

  2. alam mo khantotantra... sagana sa hamour dito o yong Lapu lapu sa atin dyan. Kahita araw araw kang kumain.

  3. Mabisita nga din, (parang tourist spot ba :-) ).
    Naalala ko noon sa Gold Souq fish market, naturn off ako kasi sa may parking area, nasa floor yung mga malalaking fishes, pinagtatapakan lang ng patan...