Monday, December 27, 2010

10 Things I Love About Christmas in UAE

There are endless things I love about Christmas in UAE  but I decide to list only few:

1. There are Christmas trees and Christmas decors in hotels and 
shopping malls even in a Muslim country like UAE.
Christmas tree in Mall of Emirates in Dubai
 2. Some malls are offering holiday sale.
furniture display in IKEA Dubai

 3. There is Simbang Gabi.

Fr. Serge celebrating Simbang Gabi mass in St. Michaels Church

4. Less chaos in shopping malls for last minute shopping.

5.  We had a Lechon De Leche (roasted pork) as our centerpiece for Noche Buena.

6. My family is celebrating my son's birthday on 27th.

7. And my birthday on the 29th.

8. Less inaanak (buti na lang)

9. Weather is cooler than Baguio. You get a more Christmassy feeling.

10. You can play with snow and ski in Ski Dubai in Christmas.

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  1. Happy birthday Master! (^-^)

    Good health, good life and happy kids and wife for the year ahead and always =)