Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who Killed the Vizcondes?

Now it can be told. Jose Rizal killed the Vizcondes.

After a landmark acquittal of Hubert Webb and several famous personalities involved in Vizconde Massacre in BF homes Paranaque, they are finally set free after wasting 15 long years in jail. The Supreme Court decision is based on the inconsistencies of the main witness Jessica Alfaro who was said to be an NBI agent, a former drug addict and not really an eyewitness. And also for the "failure of the court to prove beyond reasonable doubt".

What makes this massacre a a celebrated case is that all the involve personalities came from prominent and rich families.

One chapter finally has finally close. This is a victory for the Webbs, prolonged agony for Lauro Vizconde.

But one question remains: what's next?


  1. 15 years bago mahatulan na palayain.

  2. sa palagay ko isa sa grupo nila webb, kubg hindi man si Hubertb ang talagang pumatay sa mgfa vizconde. waqla lang evidence..

  3. two words parekoy, social injustice!