Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What to do with your junk and used items in UAE?

Are you shifting flat and you have used items and you are thinking of throwing them away? consider this. Faisal Khan, a Canadian citizen and a resident of Ajman, who considers himself the Robin Hood of UAE will collect your junk for a small fee and distribute the items to labor camps in Ajman. He will take everything from mattress, used clothing used furnitures and home appliances. Upon watching the poor conditions of labor camp in a BBC documentary he realized that there must be something for him to do to make the life of laborers and underprivileged families a little comfortable.

According to the website, a small fee is paid to cover expenses (if you want to) to remove those unwanted items from your house. There are also available pick up points in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

This what one expat have to say about Take My Junk team:

I was in a rush to move back to Canada and contacted them. I must say that Take My Junk UAE is a fantastic concept... and they are doing great work. They picked up all un-sold items, and much more in no time at all. I didn't even have to call them, an email was enough! The service was friendly and professional. I would recommend it to all.

Thank you again!
Antonella, Emirates Hills

and another testimony from a guy residing in Abu Dhabi:

I contacted through their website and they responded very quickly to my request to uplift a couch that I wanted rid of in Abu Dhabi. They came the following week and took the couch away which I believe was going to be redistributed to a labor camp in Mussafah.

The service was extremely efficient and the staff were very helpful and delighted to be taking the couch. I gave them a contribution towards their fuel (which was the least I could do) and is mentioned on their website and they went away. This is the fantastic way to get rid of old stuff that you no longer require and allows it to be given to those less fortunate than ourselves.

I would recommend that anyone who is looking to offload any old and unwanted items contact and help them to help others less fortunate than yourself.

David Cook
Abu Dhabi

Faisal Khan, the Robin Hood of UAE can be reached at this number 050 1794045. Or you can send email to:

Another thing you can do is join Dubai Flea Market in Safa Park in Dubai every first Saturday of each month except summer. Dubai Flea Market is a place where you can sell and buy second hand and anything used from household items, electronics, book, toys, clothes, etc. You can make reservation online and you will pay 230 aed at the gate. You will be provided with one table (220x67cm) and 2 chairs on first come first serve basis. The gate is open at 8 am so better to be early so that your stand can be ready by that time.

This picture frame cost 5 aed in Dubai Flea Market

We were shifting to another emirates last time so I decided to join Dubai Flea Market to get rid of unwanted items from my house. The place was in total chaos as people tried to hold of other "people garbage" that they can re use at home. We even boiught a 5 aed IKEA picture frame which I hanged near my kitchen door. WE made 550 aed from our used items selling from 8 am to 3 pm. Not bad!

Check Dubai Flea Market website for other editions of events.

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