Monday, May 24, 2010

Why I have this Blog?

I was inspired by Jomar Hilario blog which features tons of useful information on internet marketing, blogging, Google Adsense, tips and information on generating to blogs and a lot more. Hence the birth of personal blog in February.

At first I was at a loss as to what would be the best posts and stories I had to write to generate a lot of traffic and stir interest to my readers. I also experimented with a lot of features and gadgets with Blogger, ad placement and also submitting my blog to search engines. Visiting other blog and leaving comments helps generate traffic as well. Recently my blog was first followed by a blogger ( from Saudi Arabia. Thanks bro!

Creating a personal blog for me is like having a facebook or friendster account twice. Because you don't only upload photo waiting at the mercy of your friends to post a comment or not . Its like having a personal interaction with a friend where conversation is not confined to a one liner status message. And chances are you may earn from your blog. Let me tell you how.

This week I was surprised to receive a letter from Google Adsense. Google Adsense by the way is a multi billion industry and ad placement application of Google, where website owners or in my case blog owner can enroll to enable text or image ads on the website. When the ads are clicked you get to share revenue with Google.

The letter contains my 6-digit PIN number which will validate my Google Adsense account. I must admit earning from Google Adsense takes a lot of patience and hardwork. But some people are claiming to be earning thousands of dollars from Adsense. Adsense will pay me when I hit $ 100.00 or 70 euro. I don't know when I will reach that threshold amount. But for the meantime I just keep on blogging and enjoying! I even promised my wife that when I get my first pay check from Adsense I will treat her to a lovely dinner in Chilis Dubai.

So does Google Adsense really pay? Thats for me to find out.


  1. parekoy, thanks for mentioning B'log ang Mundo in this entry.

    my initial objective in making a blog is to earn extra money. i was fascinated with SEO tips and tools for online money-making for some time but it settled down when i got to know friends and readers in the blogosphere. to know that people are reading your post is already an achievement. to make them leave their comments is another thing. to earn from adsense, nuffnang, and other resources is the extra.

    there are bloggers who became successful "money earners". i am not one of them. it's really a painstaking job. but i really wish you the best of luck. teach me the secrets if you already know it.

    btw, i also added you in the blogroll of my other site: NoBenta (

  2. @nobenta..nagulat ako sa comment mo na english!! sanay na kasi akong magbasa ng mga posts mo sa wikang tagalog. tama ka pare koy! kahit wala ng earnings masaya pag may nakakabasa at malaman na may natutuwa sa blog mo.

  3. hehehe. dati kasi written in english yung iba kong mga posts kaso napansin ko, mas gusto ng readers ko 'yung medyo sariling atin at mga pang-masa na lingo.

  4. hey Brother...have you used PO Box to received your adsense verification address? as i know we can received mail here without using PO box...unleast google used express mail like dhl or fedex. Thanks